Teaching is a Performance and the Classroom My Stage

When I was younger my Grandmother always said she would see my name in lights.  I was the family clown and felt especially loved when I was in the center of everyone’s attention making them laugh.  I was born to entertain.  I was born to teach.

When I signed up for my freshman classes at Washington and Jefferson College, I was not accepted into the Spanish class I had hoped to get into so my Elementary Education advisor said take acting – you will use it in your classroom.  I said okay and truly enjoyed the experience.  It was so easy but fun.  I was born to entertain.  I was born to teach.

When I entered my first classroom, I knew it was going to be a good day when I stumbled a little bit at the front of the classroom and the students burst out laughing.  My goal each day is to make sure my students laugh and have fun.  I was born to entertain.  I was born to teach.

I truly thrive and feel good when I can entertain others and make them laugh.  I love my job so much that every day it does not truly feel like I am working.  I was born to entertain and teach and the classroom is my stage.  Here is my script.  My goal is to share my thoughts, experiences, and life with you.  Hopefully I can teach you a little something and make you laugh along the way.  Please come back to my blog.

The show is just beginning.





  1. I love that you aim to have your students have fun and laugh. I do the same. I wonder how many teachers have acting backgrounds… Theatre was my other choice in college… and I’m so glad I ended up in education! I’m looking forward to reading your blog. 🙂

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